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leadership coaching services

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is for people who want to understand and strengthen their impact on others.  We start by comprehending the person’s desired leadership impact and the type of leader and influencer that they want to be.  We ask questions to understand what they see as their style, their current level of effectiveness, their challenges, and the things getting in their way.  We then use a range of diagnostic tools to identify the leader’s current and actual impact, and to formulate the plan and actions towards the changes that they want to make. 


Leadership coaching programs typically comprise a mixture of theoretical concepts and individualised learning, practical action planning, occasional role-playing and focussed practice, as well as seeking feedback from others to assess progress.

"Lisa has an amazing way of helping you identify your leadership strengths and improvement opportunities and making you realise your own potential. Her wealth of knowledge and experience provides her with an insight that enables her to truly understand the complex issues leaders face in the workforce today. My leadership journey has been a wonderful partnership with Lisa as my professional coach. She has helped me to develop my leadership style and start growing into the leader l aspire to be."

Governance Manager, Property Industry


Communicating With Impact

With work now performed in a variety of places, on varied mediums, and often with a range of clients, teams and stakeholders, getting your messages across clearly, succinctly and impactfully is essential to effective business performance. Generally, our communication coaching is in response to a specific need and the work takes place at a deeper level on 1-2 key issues. At other times our clients will come to us with a general interest in improving their overall communication skills, and their program will be tailored to tackle the key elements of effective written and spoken communication.  

“Faced with a career changing challenge, Lisa helped me approach it strategically, cut through the confusion and identify the critical issues for me. Importantly, Lisa helped empower me to find the words and my voice to confidently communicate what I needed.” 

Global Executive, Funds Management Industry

HR Advisory and communicating services
Career Coaching services by thrive leadership for a resilient career

The Resilient Career

The Resilient Career Program is for anyone wanting to reassess their skills, strengths and key competencies, to reboot their mindset, self-awareness and self-confidence, and to relaunch with a greater awareness of self, skills and strengths together with an understanding of the practical tools that will create success.  The Resilient Career focusses on a person’s adaptability, helps them to overcome any obstacles to re-joining work after a longer break, or to move on from feeling underutilised in their current role.  


The Resilient Career enables people to re-engage with their career and apply their talents with greater knowledge and confidence.  The focus is on deeply understanding your skills, and on developing greater clarity of your strengths.  The program then shifts to cover a suite of practical tools and strategies so that you can utilise this new-found clarity towards your career goals.  

“Without this program I would never have been able to hone in on what my passions were and what my next step was gong to be.  I can’t express enough gratitude for the program.  It really was the catalyst to a life changing career move for me.” 

Participant, Legal industry


Advisory Services

With wide and deep experience working with businesses and leaders over several decades, our knowledge and experience spans all aspects of people and culture. We’ve developed a specialist advisory practice in the particular areas of remuneration, engagement and inclusion. These practice areas start with data collection and analysis, and move to evidence-based recommendations that meet contemporary people and culture challenges. Recent assignments have included performance-based remuneration models, individual employee value propositions, and succession and mentoring programs for organisational development

Advisory services by thrive leadership group
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