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Lisa Williams

Thrive Leadership Group helps leaders and teams to grow well and successfully.  This is the meaning of thrive.

With 25-plus years in People, Culture and Operations in Australian and global organisations providing a backdrop, I founded Thrive Leadership Group in 2014 to work more closely with leaders and teams to bring about the change that will develop each individual’s impact, and to grow well and successfully.

Our work includes developing leadership skills for improved business performance, helping individuals to understand and navigate organisational dynamics, working through career questions and getting "unstuck", moving through career crossroads, building career resilience and setting and achieving career goals, and; providing specialised advice to Boards and Executives in areas such as remuneration, engagement and inclusion.


Executive Master, Coaching and Consulting for Change (Organisational Psychology), INSEAD

Graduate Diploma, Organisation Dynamics, Swinburne University


Bachelor of Commerce, (Economics) University of Melbourne

Lifestyles Inventory (LSI), Leadership Impact (L/I) and Group Styles Inventory (GSI), Human Synergystics

Qualifications of our team
thrive leadership Group partners


To help leaders and teams to thrive, we have a partner network of experts so that a range of client needs can be assessed and addressed.  


We’ve worked with these fabulous, specialised advisors and practitioners for many years, and with many clients, and our work and skills are complimentary so that client needs are met in a congruent approach. 

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